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There should be an equity among all American citizens. There should be parity among all students who desire to be part of the American citizenry. Private and charter schools should not be placed at an advantage over public schools. Public education should be resourced in a way that demonstrates our desire to support the masses.

As college tuition has increased, so has student debt. Currently student debt in the United States is at $1.48 trillion and 44.2 million Americans struggle to pay off their student loans. Republicans in Congress has done nothing to adequately address this issue. They have only made it more difficult for hard working Americans to find a way to get debt relief. The Prosper Act that was introduced in the House will eliminate Loan Forgiveness programs for public-service employees. The Perkins Loan Program for low-income undergraduate and graduate students will be eliminated under this bill and will rise interest rates on student loans for financially needy students. If elected I will oppose passing the Prosper Act and fight to create more incentives for students to have their loans forgiven.