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In the wake of the Douglas High School mass shooting I was extremely frustrated and angry. Our kids deserve better than the spineless politicians that currently hold office. Too afraid to go against the NRA - too afraid to risk their seats to do what's it right. When Columbine happened, we thought this would be unique. We pleaded with US Congress to act. They refused. They buckled under the weight of the NRA and like special interest groups. Now look at where we are. We turn on the News and we have yet another school shooting. I'm tired of hearing "it's not the right time to talk about it" in the past we stayed silent then another tragedy happens. NO MORE!! I'm tired of giving my condolences to those who've lost their loved ones. Thoughts and prayers only goes so far. Those heartfelt prayers don't bring back loved ones. Condolences will not prevent the next mass shooting from happening. And, positive thoughts don't put pressure on our elected officials to act. NO MORE!!

In 2015 during the Republican presidential primary Marco Rubio called new gun laws "ineffective". Rubio what's "ineffective" is your non-action on fixing our gun problems. I guess when you get $3.3 million from the NRA your non-action is what they are paying you to do.

After the Pulse nightclub massacre Rick Scott told CNN: "That's not what killed innocent people; evil killed innocent people". Yeah Rick an evil person with a gun! An evil person that can walk into a gun shop and purchase a gun without a permit or license. An evil person that can purchase as many guns and ammo at one time because in Florida it's not regulated. These laws or lack of laws are due to your passage or refusal of changing them.

Folks we have a gun problem and we cannot stand by and allow these politicians to tell us gun control laws are ineffective. One solution won't work but a combination could save lives. Below is what I propose:

  • Requiring everyone to receive a background check regardless where the gun is purchase
  • Mandatory gun safety classes for first time gun buyers
  • A gun registry let's keep track of guns that are sold
  • Retailers selling firearms to customers across state lines should adhere to the laws where the buyer resides
  • Limiting the number of guns and ammunition a gun buyer can purchase at one time
  • Extending the 3-day waiting period for law enforcement officers to sufficiently perform a background check
  • Funding for mental health and diagnoses services
  • Additional training for teachers, staff, and even students on how to identify a troubled child and how to get that person the appropriate help they need.
  • Funding to better fortify schools, requiring check point entries and metal detectors
  • Re-enstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB)

To the gun owners, I believe in the 2nd Amendment (The Right to Bear Arms), no one is trying to take your guns from you. Let's work together and find a solution.

Finally, to the wonderful kids of Douglas High School I hear you. I can only image what you and your parents are going through. You're not alone....