Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program

Florida is the only state in the U.S. that has not applied for the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program this year. The federal program provides states grocery benefits for children.

Pasco County Podcast Interview

Pasco County Democratic Club interview Kimberly Walker about why she is running and her campaign.

Campaign Kickoff

Candidate Kimberly Walker is running for U.S. Congress FL 12th. Her official campaign kickoff was held in Tarpon Spring FL on July 31. Walker's platform includes improving education and teacher pay, clean energy, affordable and accessible healthcare and equal rights for all.

New Year time to get to work

In 2021 we undoubtedly had challenges, but this is our time to change the trajectory and make our county a better place for everyone.

Don't Say Gay Bill

In light of the Fl Senate passing the "Dont Say Gay Bill" and expected for the governor to approve. To our LBGTQ youth. I see you and I hear you.

Interview about the campaign by Krylios

Krylios interviews Kimberly Walker, 2022 Democratic Party Primary candidate to represent Florida's 12th Congressional District in the US Congress. .