A pay raise for teachers

Professional athletes, business owners, political officials, most are millionaires others are prominent figures in our society. They all received their start with the support of teachers. You would think the wealthiest whom have benefited from the most substantial countries in the world could afford to reward our teachers with a better salary. Without them, all of their destinies may not have been possible.

According to the Learning Policy Institute almost 20% of teachers leave the profession because of low pay. We are confronted with significant teacher shortage, some legislators disregard the role professional compensation plays in recruitment and retention.

Kamala Harris came out with a proposed plan of increasing teachers wages. According to her campaign she would work with states to set goals and incentivize them to spend more. What if there was another way…

When I was in the National Guard we got paid from the state and federal government. When the Governor activated us due to state emergency the state paid us. When I went to tech school or was called to active duty the federal government paid us. Why can’t the federal government pay the teachers directly a monthly salary. Kamala Harris wants to give teachers $13,500 raise, so let the government send them a $1,125.00 check every month. By going this route we can by-pass the state (we all know some states will refuse to give teachers a raise).

What are your thoughts?

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