Kimberly Walker is a U.S. Army and Air Force veteran, Department of Defense Contractor, prior Correctional Officer and owns her own Software Company.

She joined the race for Florida’s 12th Congressional District because her values reflect those of district neighbors whom she wants to represent. She desires to re-orient the current Washington DC values that are off track and compromised.

Kimberly grew up without many advantages. She was co-parented by a single mother and grandmother. Both instilled in her the principles of hard work and education, which helped her become the person she is today. Her wife is a twenty six year veteran public-school teacher.

Kim was born and raised in Orlando Florida along with her brother, she was raised by her mother with help from her grandmother. They shared single family home with two uncles as well as an aunt. Thanks to this tight knit upbringing, she understands family values. Kim extends this moral imperative to all her Florida family. She is proud of her native upbringing and education. Kim attended Princeton Elementary, Howard Middle School and graduated from Edgewater High School. After graduating from high school, she worked full-time as a gas station attendant (and has many hilarious stories she can share) while she contemplated whether to go to college or the military.

After a year of reflection, Kim decided that she should enter the military as many of her family members had done before her. She enlisted in the United States Army and spent eight years in active duty. During her term, she had the privilege of being stationed in Germany, Korea, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky.

After leaving the military Kim accepted the chance to become a correctional officer for the State of Florida. Following her time as a Correctional Officer (post 9-11), Kim embraced her desire to serve her country again in a different capacity. She joined the Florida National Guard, during which time she was activated multiple times to support the people of Florida recovering from natural disasters. In addition, she remained gainfully employed working as a government contractor in IT for Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) at MacDill Air Force Base. Later she accepted a position as a Software Engineer at United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Within a year she was promoted to IT Manager of the Application Development Department.

Several years later, after working at USSOCOM, Kim decided to venture out and work as an Independent Consultant in the private sector. Eventually she went back to JCSE in order to work side by side to support all the military branches


Kim has earned a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Technology Management from St. Petersburg College and a Master’s of Science in Information Technology from Florida Institute of Technology.

Family Life

Kim is currently married to Aliyat. They have been together for over seven years. Together they have two daughters and one son, four German Shepherds and one Yorkie. All support Kim in her political endeavors.