BahamasStrong where to donate

Never in my life have I ever seen a hurricane stationary. Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas as a category 5 hurricane. For two days the destructive winds and relentless flooding has destroyed over 10,000 homes and wiped out much of the infrastructure. I can only image what the good people living in the Bahamas went through.

If your interested in donating below are some organizations that are currently working in the Bahamas .

  • The Red Cross provides disaster relief.
  • Global Giving connects nonprofits, donors and companies in nearly every country around the world. They help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need.
  • World Central Kitchen was set up by chef Jose Andres and provides food to people after natural disasters.
  • HeadKnowles is a Bahamian organization that organized relief operations during Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Joaquin in 2015.
  • YachtAid provides humanitarian aid and is set up to bring emergency supplies to Grand Bahama and the Abaco Island.
  • Team Rubicon is an organization of military veterans that provides disaster relief