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The scheduler is responsible to accepting and acting on all invitations, seeking out potential events and putting together the candidate’s schedule. You will make sure the candidate is briefed about each of the events and is given proper directions, contact information and collects briefing information from other team members on each event. You will also […]

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator will identify, recruit and manage volunteers to help with various campaign activities. You will help coordinate the work the volunteers, utilize their skills and talents well and provide motivation. Require strong interpersonal skills, patience, persistence, enthusiasm, good communication skills and the ability to work with all kinds of people. This position is […]

Communications & Press Secretary

The communications and press secretary role is in charge of all of the campaign’s interactions with the media. You will build relationship with the press, communicate with the media as the key spokesperson, set up interviews and identify media opportunities for the campaign. This position is currently a part-time volunteer role. Required: Must have good […]