There is no greater investment than in our children. They are the future. If we want them to succeed and compete in the global economy we need to invest more money in their education.

In Congress I will work to achieve:

  1. Universal Pre-K. Research shows children attending preschool often have higher test scores when they reach elementary school
  2. Increase teacher’s pay. Florida currently has over 2000 open teacher positions. Teacher shortages affects students’ ability to learn and reduce teachers’ effectiveness. Note: Florida isn’t the only state suffering from state-wide teacher shortages. By increasing teacher salaries states will be able to attract and retain highly qualified teachers.
  3. Increase federal funding for public colleges and universities
  4. Provide tax credits to employers who help employees pay off education debt.

Student Loans:

Student loan debt in America is over $1 Trillion.  Students are drowning in debt from their student loans as the cost in tuition has increased over the years.  Kim proposes:

  • Increasing the corporate tax rate from 21% to 22%
  • Eliminate up to $50,000 for each student loan
  • Tax incentive of $50,000 for those who already paid off their student loans
  • Eliminate student loan interest rate.