Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. Changes that are thought to be affecting our global environment are the result of human activity. Rising global temperatures, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, rising sea levels, and extreme weather are dangerous results. Unless we address these issues, more landmass will become uninhabitable.  

Climate change can affect air quality by increasing ground-level ozone.  This can trigger reactions in humans, including reduced lung functions, throat irritation, and congestion.  The impact is more susceptible to children and the elderly.  Kim supports the following policies:

  • Reinstating the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit
  • Reinstate clean car standards which were created to save drivers money, reduce tailpipe pollution and clean our air.
  • Reinstate the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule (MATS), which has been proven to reduce the threat of hazardous mercury pollution to health of children, wildlife, and communities.
  • Enforce the “Good Neighbor” provision of the Clean Air Act.  

Kimberly Walker supports the Green New Deal.

Kim will put forward solutions to put us on a path towards 100% clean energy:

  1. Provide tax credits to automobile companies to create fully electric cars.
  2. Invest in rebuilding our highways for the future which will include solar panels, mapping sensors and electric battery recharges.
  3. Create grants to help American companies that work towards solutions that positively impact our planet. For example a company in Canada is currently working on Fusion energy. Fusion produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, requires less land than other renewable technologies and is inherently safe with zero possibility of a meltdown.
  4. Help restore and strengthen laws the current administration reversed.


  1. General Fusion