Our economy needs help recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.  We also need to quickly create millions of clean energy jobs in order to tackle the climate crisis.  Combined, we have the opportunity to create good-paying jobs and put people to work building our clean energy future.  Our actionable plan will get us on the right track towards building the green economy that we urgently need:  one with investments in clean energy, federal clean standards and climate justice for all.

Invest in a Clean Energy Economy

In order to jumpstart the economy, accelerate job creation, and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, when elected Kim will:

  • Fund sustainable infrastructure and conservation projects like carbon-free public transit, clean water systems, green affordable housing, and ecosystem restoration for public lands, forests and oceans.
  • Dramatically expand investments in government led clean tech research and development to re-establish the U.S. as a global climate innovation leader.
  • Re-establish American climate leadership by rejoining the Paris Agreement and taking additional steps to mobilize the global community to fight climate change.

Prioritize Environmental & Economic Justice

In congress Kim will prioritize investment and policy solutions that support low-income communities and frontline communities that bear the brunt of pollution and climate change, and that have been left behind in our economy. And we must hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the damage they’ve caused to our communities.

  • She will hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the damage they’ve caused to our health and communities by putting an end to the nearly $20 billion in federal subsidies they enjoy each year, and ending all new fossil fuel leases on public lands.
  • Support rural economies while adapting to climate change by funding agricultural conservation programs, clean electrification, and expanding broadband
  • Direct 40% of all climate investments into disadvantaged communities to confront the environmental harms that hit front-line communities first and worst.

Implement Federal Clean Energy Standards

In order to drive sustained emissions reductions, we must set bold and aggressive sector specific clean energy standards.

  • Enact a bold national 100% Clean Electricity Standard requiring utilities to achieve 100% carbon-neutral electricity by 2030, and all-clean, renewable and zero-emission energy in power generation by 2035.
  • Support the use of existing federal authorities to ensure that by 2030 all new vehicles sold in the U.S. are zero-emission vehicles (ZEF).
  • Establish a national Energy Efficiency Resource Standard to improve efficiency in energy use in
    existing buildings. And use strong consumer incentives, utility requirements, and direct public
    investments in an ambitious new Rebuild America energy retrofit program.