Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA)

Kim opposes repealing the Affordable Care Act.  She supports Joe Biden’s plan by giving Americans a choice to purchase a public health insurance option.  She also supports expanding coverage to low-income Americans by offering premium-free access to states where they have refused to take up the Medicaid expansion.

Fixing the rising cost of prescription drugs:

Historical increases in prescription drug prices are contributing to unsustainable health care costs in the United States. While individual politicians sponsor bills to lower drug costs through competition, they are not addressing the root cause of why Americans pay the exorbitant price of drugs.  To lower prescription drug costs Kim proposes:

  1. Allow US Department of Health and Human Services to directly negotiate prices with drug producers and suppliers.
  2. Enforce “Pay-for-delay” (drug makers sidestep competition by offering patent settlements that pay generic companies not to bring lower cost to the market. This practice effectively block all other generic drug competition for a growing number of branded drugs).
  3. Private insurers and benefit managers reach their deals with drug companies, and the public is left in the dark when it comes to the details of those deals. For Americans to have full transparency, I will pass a bill requiring full disclosure of information from insurance plans about the average net prices paid for prescription drugs, including patients cost-sharing among plans and price increases.
  4. Stop Evergreening. Evergreening is drug makers add on new patents to prolong a drug’s exclusivity even when the additions aren’t fundamentally new, non-obvious, and useful as the law requires. By fixing the abuse in the patent system, we will be able to control drug costs.



  1. United States Patent and Trademark Office
  2. I-Mak Solving the drug patent problem