Immigrants make America great!

Kim supports changes to our immigration policy.  America deserves a commonsense immigration process that includes a clear roadmap to those who aspire to become citizens.  Kim would help enact legislation that will:

  • Provide a clear and accessible roadmap to citizenship for undocumented individuals already residing in the United States.   
  • Eliminating existing backlogs in family-based permanent visas.
  • Offer a fast track to citizenship to immigrants that join the military
  • Provide safe, legal means of migration through entry points. 

Kim believes in a stronger border but it does not require spending billions of dollars on a border wall.  Her plan will: include addressing the backlog of asylum claims. As more migrants wait for an extended period in dreadful conditions, they become desperate, resulting in paying smugglers to enter the US illegally.  By addressing the backlog and streamlining the process, America will become safer and more humane for immigrants. Advance technology will help secure our border in addition to increasing more secure ports of entry.

Kim also supports protecting our Dreamers and will push for a pathway to citizenship.