Gun violence has plagued the United States for far too long. Most Americans want common-sense gun reform. If elected, I will support:

  1. Ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons like the AR-15 are weapons of war. While in the military, I used the M16, that weapon was derived from the AR-15.
  2. Background checks for everyone, especially private sales, to ensure potential gun owners aren’t on the National Database.
  3. Police substations in schools. (Let police come, set up substations where they can sit and write reports while maintaining a constant presence in our schools
  4. Mandatory gun safety classes for first-time buyers.
  5. Retailers selling firearms to customers across state lines should adhere to the laws where the buyer resides.
  6. Extend the three-day waiting period for law enforcement officers to perform background checks sufficiently.
  7. Fund the CDC research on gun violence.