Our drinking water is not safe with Gus in office

Gus Bilirakis voted against H.R. 535, a bipartisan bill that would help protect us from PFAS, which are toxic, main-made chemicals used in industry and consumer products. Even 24 of Bilirakis’ Republican colleagues in the House were able to prioritize the health of Americans families over corporate interests and vote for it.

  • “Exposure to certain PFAS, including PFOA and PFOS, has been shown to lower a person’s chance of getting pregnant, increase cholesterol, negatively impact the immune system and affect children’s growth, learning and behavior.”(1)
  • “Human studies have linked PFOA exposure to decreased vaccination response, thyroid disorders and kidney and testicular cancer”(1)

It is estimated that more than 1,500 drinking water systems in the U.S. may be contaminated, impacting up to 110 million Americans. H.R. 535 “would require the EPA to establish a national drinking water standard for a minimum of two of the most common PFAS, and consider designating all PFAS as hazardous substances under Superfund law.”(3)

Is Gus really for us? I think not. His voting record tells us he is unwilling to break from corporate and special interests and put everyday Americans first.

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