Help put Kim on the ballot

Florida Elections Commission requires Congressional Candidates to either pay a large sum of money or gather thousands of petitions to have their names placed on the ballot.

Kimberly decided the best way to move forward was to actively gather the required amount of signatures. If you haven't signed a candidate petition for Kimberly Walker we invite you to download, print and fill out the petition and mail it to our P.O. box below. The campaign needs 5,331 signed and verified petitions by April 27, 2020. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the great people in District 12.

  1. Must be a registered voter
  2. Must reside in District 12

**If you are not sure the Congressional District you reside in please click on Find My District

  1. Download and print candidate petition:
    1. Candidate Petition (English)
    2. Candidate Petition (Spanish)
  2. Fill out the petition:
    1. Name that appears on your voter information card
    2. Date of Birth or Voter Registration Number
    3. Your Address, city, county, state and zip code
    4. **Signature (Don't forget to sign it)
    5. Date Signed
  3. Florida Elections requires the original signed petition. You can:
    1. Email us at Contact Us to let us know you have a signed petition(s) to pick up
    2. Mail the petition to us at Kimberly Walker for Congress P.O. Box 130667 Tampa FL 33681
Questions & Answers
  1. Do I have to fill out all sections?
    Yes. Leaving any part unfilled, the petition will not be counted.
  2. If I fill out your petition does this mean I have to vote for you (Kimberly)?
    No. Signing the petition only means that you agree Kimberly should be on the ballot.
  3. Do I need to be a registered Democrat to sign the petition?
    No. It doesn't matter your party affiliation even NPA, anyone who is a registered voter in District 12 can sign.

Petition Deadline Countdown:

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