Sign Petition


Florida Elections Commission requires Congressional Candidates to either pay a $10,400 fee or gather thousands of petitions to have their names placed on the ballot. Last year our campaign attempted to obtain over 5,000 signatures but was unsuccessful, we ended up paying the qualifying fee. **GOOD NEWS**.. Due to redistricting we can accept signed petitions from any registered voter in the state of Florida

  1. Download and print the candidate petition (if you have family and friends make additional copies and get them to fill and sign them too).
  2. Fill out the petition:
    1. Name that appears on your voter information card.
    2. Date of Birth or Voter Registration Number
    3. Your Address, city, county, state and zip code
    4. **Signature** (Don’t forget to sign it)
    5. **Date Signed**
  3. Mail the original signed petition to: Kimberly Walker for Congress P.O Box 5806 Hudson FL 34674. Florida Elections requires the original signed petition in order to be counted.
  1. Do I have to fill out all sections? Yes. If any part is left unfilled, the petition will not be counted.
  2. If I fill out your petition does this mean I have to vote for you? No. Signing the petition only means that you agree Kimberly Walker should be on the ballot.
  3. Do I need to be a registered Democrat to sign the petition? No. Your party affliation doesn't matter your party affliation, anyone who is a registered voter in the state of Florida can sign.